Best Sitting Posture Habits

August 04, 2021

If you spend long hours sitting in front of the computer each day, it is likely that you will experience back aches, tense shoulders or stiff necks. Today, we want to share one of the simple ways to relieve those pains:

Correct sitting posture.

Our Founder, Moon, shares some best sitting posture tips to keep our bodies in check throughout the day as you work.

  1. Make sure you're seated with your back straight against your chair.
  2. Place your elbows and arms on your desk.
  3. Feet should touch the ground. You can also use an object to prop your feet up for support.
  4. Notice your shoulders. Are they scrunched up? Relax them by rolling them to the back. This opens them up and relaxes the muscle.
  5. Let's check your sitting posture again. For additional support, place a pillow just behind your back.
  6. Check that your computer screen is at eye level. Adjust your screen as necessary.
  7. Place your hands where your keyboard and mouse is.
  8. Your arms should be 90 degrees or perpendicular to your desk.
  9. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed as you type.

If you're sharing a space and are unable to modify the space, the next best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a keyboard. An external keyboard and external mouse where your screen can be further away from you to maintain this sitting posture.

If this is the first time your posture has been corrected, your body may feel a slight discomfort and return to a hunch or slouch. Keep working at it!

We are here with you as you work towards better mobility.

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